Camp Shout Out Training and Treatment Program

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Re: Camp Shout Out

From: Julie Raynor
Date: 22 Oct 2011
Time: 14:33:35 -0500
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Thanks for your questions. We are still analyzing results of surveys and feedback from camp participants. This is actually being done through Dr. Tasko At Western Michigan University. As for criterion to attend camp, that varied for campers and workshop participants. The grad student and SLP component was a selection process via application. We did maintain a waiting list for both the grad students and the SLP portions. As for the campers the criterion was considered on a case by case basis. Many times prior to a camper applying to the camp, if there was a special situation the parents or SLP would contact us to see if we were able to accommodate that particular need. In many cases we could in others we were not able to. For example we had a request to accept a 6 year old to attend as a day camper, we were not able to accommodate this request. However, we had another request about accepting a Spanish speaking camper, this request we were able to accommodate. The size of our program gives us the ability and flexibility to continue to be very individual with criterion. Hope this helps and you can find out more information at our website and facebook pages. Thanks again, Julie

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